About us

Yangzhou Jiangya Fire Extinguishing Agents Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing various fire extinguishing agents.Our company is a new integrated company of science,industry and trade.All the products of the company passed CCC certification issued by CCCF in accordance with the relevant provisions.Foam fire extinguishing agents obtained China Classification Society factory approval certificate.
Our main products are:1%,3% and6% aqueous film forming extinguishing agent,3%, 6% alcohol resistant aqueous film forming extinguishing agent, 3%, 6%, alcohol resistant fire extinguishing agent,3%, 6% alcohol resistant fluoro-protein extinguishing agent, 3%, 6% protein extinguishing agent, 3%, 6% fluoro-protein extinguishing agent, 6% middle expansion fire extinguishing agent,3%, 6% high expansion foam extinguish…

PH5 In-line proportion mixer
Fire plug cabinet
High Expansion Fire Extinguishing Agent 3%G(YEGZ3) 6%G(YEGZ6)
3%Z & 6%Z Middle expansion foam concentrates
Alcohol Resistant Fire Extinguishing Agent 3%S/AR 6%S/AR
Film-forming fluoroprotein foam concentrates 3% 6%FFFP
ABC powder extinguishing agent ABC50%、ABC70%
BC powder extinguishing agent BC82%
Medium expansion foam generator